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Channelling August 2011 (Download)

Channelling August 2011 (Download)

Price: £5.00

A channelling through Claire Montanaro of answers from the Masters of Light to questions posed by members of the Inlumino Global Community recorded in August 2011.

Duration 36 minutes. The music is taken from Steve Roach's Structures From Silence.

The subjects raised in this channelling session are: the uncertain global financial situation and related unemployment; Muslim unrest; the criteria by which a country measures its wellbeing; the future of the Internet and communication means without it; the impact of Nibiru on the planet; how to heal the pain of Atlantean experience; and how best to use crystals and their purpose.

This channelling is available as a downloadable file. When you have gone through the payment process you will be sent an email with a link from which you can download the audio MP3 file.

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