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The Seven Cosmic Rays (CD)

The Seven Cosmic Rays (CD)

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Part of the wonder which is our connection with the divine is the mystery of the great Rays which guide our lives. These Rays, which emanate from the Source of all that is, have a tremendous influence on our personality, soul and spirit, and every aspect of our being is at all times affected by one or all of the Rays, directly or indirectly. The nature of the connection is different for each of us, depending on our archetype, karmic lessons, stage of spiritual evolution and soul’s purpose. Countries, continents, planets and even universes are also governed by the Rays.

This talk discusses the nature of the seven different Rays, their importance and meaning. It assists us to understand their impact on each of us personally and uniquely as well as in the context of current world events, and their part in the cosmic shifts which are occurring as we move into the new cycle which is the next Golden Age.

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