Crystal Essences

Crystal Essences

Over the last three years I have created a range of crystal elixirs which correspond with the energies and power of the Seven Rays, and of the Masters of Light. Each has been made at a time of great spiritual significance, in a sacred part of ancient Wales. Moonlight, sunlight, crystals and water from deep underground have been used to make the Elixirs, each one of which has a special frequency and purpose.

The range comprises:

  • The Buddha Elixir for Clarity, Compassion and Wisdom
  • The Ray 1 Elixir for Power, Intent and Action
  • The Christ (Ray 2) Elixir for Healing, Teaching and Loving
  • The Ray 3 Elixir for Discernment and Mental Achievement
  • The Ray 4 Elixir for Harmony, Creativity and Beauty
  • The Ray 5 Elixir for Knowledge and Revelation
  • The Ray 6 Elixir for Vision, Mysticism, Purity

There are further Elixirs to come!

They can be used for personal healing and strengthening, for meditation and for healing of the lands and nature. They are powerful, and not to be used lightly.

You are welcome to pay for any crystal essence you buy from us, here. If, however, you would prefer to pay directly through our office using your credit card, debit card, cheque or bank transfer, please contact us either by email at or call +44 1597 811 110 or 0845 644 1363 (UK only) and we will be happy to be of help.

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The Buddha Crystal Essence
I made the Buddha Crystal Essence at Wesak in 2009, the time when the full moon is in Taurus and when Lord Buddha returns to the earth each year to give His blessing to humanity. A sacred crystal image of the Buddha lay overnight in water drawn from deep under the mountains of ...
Ray One Power Crystal Essence
This Crystal Essence is truly special. It will enable you to release ancient patterns that have inhibited you for lifetimes and to be empowered once again. The keywords to describe it are Power, Intent and Action, and it will help you to overcome your human doubts and fears in ...
Ray Two Christ Crystal Essence
I made this Crystal Essence on 7th June 2009, when the moon was full in Gemini.  It was the night of the Christ Festival, the time annually when the love, blessing and will of God are released into human consciousness by the Christ. A jewel from Tibet which had been ...
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Ray Three Mind Crystal Essence
The key words for this Crystal Essence, which is associated with the third ray, are mental achievement and discernment. The third ray is the ray of the Mind, and when it is used positively and strongly it is about the higher mind - decision-making, communication, and conne ...
Ray Four Harmony Crystal Essence
The energy of the Fourth Ray is directly connected with the coming of the new era of spiritual magnificence on earth, and indeed it is the ray which governs our planet and so the ray is significant both for her and for us as her guardians. It is known as the Ray of Harmony thr ...
The Elixir of Alchemy - Magic, Order and Achievement
I have been conscious of the imminence of the 7th Ray for some time, and at the December Solstice in 2017, working with the Sun and the Moon, crystals and using pure Welsh water, I created a crystal essence to offer the qualities of the new Ray to those who choose to use it. I ...
Ray Five Elixir of Revelation
The Revelation Elixir is the seventh in my range of crystal Elixirs, created at the powerful Equinox in September 2014 and completed at the time of the Blood Full Moon in October 2014. It correlates with the Fifth Cosmic Ray, which is the Ray of  Knowledge and perfec ...
Ray Six Mysticism Crystal Essence
Vision, Mysticism, Purity 2013 is the year when the spiritual revolution begins in earnest. It is all about growth and transformation affecting the Universe through to you personally, and the manifestation of change will become increasingly visible. As part of this the ...