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Ray 1 Elixir for Power and Transformation

Ray 1 Elixir for Power and Transformation

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This Crystal Essence is truly special. It will enable you to release ancient patterns that have inhibited you for lifetimes and to be empowered once again. The keywords to describe it are Power, Intent and Action, and it will help you to overcome your human doubts and fears in order to move forward on your path with purpose, courage and clarity.

By way of background, this year has been blessed by some remarkable astrological occurrences which have accelerated the process of planetary change significantly, but the Full Moon of 26th July 2010 was particularly special. It bore the name of "Lion's Gate", a reference to the opening of the Lion's Gate portal which is enabling now a major shift of planetary consciousness. It took place during the build up to the activation of the Cardinal Grand Cross on 7th August when Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars come into alignment at the beginning degrees of the cardinal points, and it presages a time of intense and dramatic change. It brings about also the chance for personal, planetary and universal empowerment.

I have been waiting for the right time to create my third cosmic Crystal Essence, and that night of the Full Moon the Ray 1 Power Crystal Essence came into being at this the perfect time for it.

The Essence was made using water drawn from an underground river 300 feet below ground in a sacred part of Wales. I placed rubies dedicated to and blessed by Master El Morya, Lord of the First Ray, and pure gold in the water in a crystal bowl, and, having done what I was guided to do, left them by the River Wye to absorb the energies of moon and sun, stars and nature during this special time of spiritual change.

The making of it was a two stage process, and the Essence was completed ceremonially at the time of the Cardinal Grand Cross.

If you are working with Master El Morya or wish to, it will be particularly effective for you.

Dosage: 1 drop only under the tongue twice a day daily.

Ingredients: pure Welsh water, brandy, crystal essence.

Video Instructions: How to use the First Ray Power Elixir

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