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Ray 6 Elixir for Vision, Mysticism and Purity

Ray 6 Elixir for Vision, Mysticism and Purity

Price: £10.00

2013 is the year when the spiritual revolution begins in earnest. It is all about growth and transformation affecting the Universe through to you personally, and the manifestation of change will become increasingly visible.

As part of this the energy of the Sixth Ray will become significant for certain people who are on their spiritual path knowingly. The Sixth Ray is the Ray of Mysticism, or spiritual Devotion: it encourages divine connectedness and assists the soul’s progression to become pure Spirit. Governed by the Master Jesus, it is, of all the Rays, the Ray of Spirituality.

At the December Solstice of 2012, when the world slipped from one level of being to its higher plane, I made an Elixir for the Sixth Ray – it seemed the perfect time to do so, and it is ready now.

Some of the benefits you may experience, should you choose to take it, are:

  • Spiritual vision
  • Deeper meditation
  • A sense of detachment from the world of materialism
  • Growing trust in the perfection of every thing
  • Greater awareness of spiritual guidance
  • The ability to inspire others
  • The overcoming of ego
  • The growing of your light
  • Closeness to Spirit

Dosage: I recommend one drop is taken twice a day under the tongue, or you may wish to put a drop on your third eye or brow chakra.

15ml in a frosted indigo bottle – indigo is the colour of the Sixth Ray.

Ingredients: crystal essence, brandy, Welsh water

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