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Ray 3 Elixir for Discernment and Mental Achievement

Ray 3 Elixir for Discernment and Mental Achievement

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The key words for this Crystal Essence, which is associated with the third ray, are mental achievement and discernment.

The third ray is the ray of the Mind, and when it is used positively and strongly it is about the higher mind - decision-making, communication, and connection with spirit. When it is weak or mis-used it is about ego, fear and emotion, the qualities of the personality which undermine our well-being and keep us in the state of duality, or separation.

I made this Essence at the full moon in March 2012, when the governing sun sign was in Pisces and the focus was on duality and the healing of the separation from Spirit. It was the perfect time to create a tool to strengthen the Mind in its highest sense and to overcome ego. The making of this elixir was blessed by the presence of a black cat and an owl, both of whom added their gifts of magical wisdom and the ability to see what is normally hidden by the darkness.

Dosage: 1 drop only under the tongue twice a day daily.

Ingredients: pure Welsh water, brandy, crystal essence.

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