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Ray 2 (Christ) Elixir for Healing, Teaching and Loving

Ray 2 (Christ) Elixir for Healing, Teaching and Loving

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I made this Crystal Essence on 7th June 2009, when the moon was full in Gemini.  It was the night of the Christ Festival, the time annually when the love, blessing and will of God are released into human consciousness by the Christ.

A jewel from Tibet which had been blessed by Him, as Maitreya and Christ, was placed in sacred water from the Welsh mountains, and then the Crystal Essence Bowl was left in the moonlight in the Upper Valley of the River Wye overnight before being further vitalised by me.

The Christ Essence is wonderful. Not only can it unlock and strengthen your gifts of healing and wisdom but it may enhance your connection with the divine and the love at the heart of the Christ Consciousness. It can be used to bless and purify everything it touches, including the land, and is very powerful. Because of this I recommend that it is used with discretion, taking one drop only under the tongue twice a day.

Dosage: One drop only under the tongue twice daily.

Ingredients: Pure Welsh water, brandy and crystal essence.  15ml.

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