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Ray 5 Elixir for Knowledge and Revelation

Ray 5 Elixir for Knowledge and Revelation

Price: £10.00

The Revelation Elixir is the seventh in my range of crystal Elixirs, created at the powerful Equinox in September 2014 and completed at the time of the Blood Full Moon in October 2014.

It correlates with the Fifth Cosmic Ray, which is the Ray of  Knowledge and perfect for this cycle of time which is all to do with the exposure of illusion and the reality that lies behind it. We are at a point where we are challenged to seek and see the truth – about ourselves and the world around us, and also the truth of Spirit. My latest Elixir will help you to break through the Veil of Oblivion and find that truth. It is the Elixir of Revelation.

How to use the Elixir: I suggest you take 2 drops under the tongue twice daily, separately from food, drinks and toothpaste.

Ingredients: crystal essence, brandy, pure Welsh water.

Presented in a clear flame-coloured bottle (15ml) to correspond with the colour of the Fifth Ray.

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