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Oracle Cards

Our Oracle, or Insight card sets are spiritual tools to assist you with divination, self-understanding, meditation and soul growth. We have three sets:


  • The Ray Cards are a seven-card set, each card relating to one of the rays and what it means
  • The Principles cards are a seven-card set, each card relating to one of the Principles of the New Consciousness
  • The Universal Law Cards are a set of 88 cards reflecting the Universal, or Spiritual laws, each one giving details of what the Law means and how to use and apply the Law in your life.

These card sets are unique and, to our knowledge, nothing similar exists anywhere else in the world.


Universal Laws Oracle Cards
The great Universal, or Spiritual, Laws are the ancient but perennial Truths which encompass every aspect of living as a spiritual being. These Truths are based on principles of common sense, and they apply to every era throughout history and to people of every age. The Seven ...
Seven Cosmic Rays Oracle Cards
The Seven Rays represent the qualities and attributes of God. They are bands of energy which influence each of us negatively or positively, strongly or mildly depending on our ray make-up, the nature of our soul and our divine destiny. It is part of our human purpose to streng ...
Seven Principles Oracle Cards
The philosophy of the New Consciousness is underpinned by seven Principles, the learning and practice of which will transform your life and soul journey, bringing peace of mind and heart. We have put together a seven card set in a silver envelope with explanatory booklet, ...