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Seven Cosmic Rays Oracle Cards

Seven Cosmic Rays Oracle Cards

Price: £5.99

The Seven Rays represent the qualities and attributes of God. They are bands of energy which influence each of us negatively or positively, strongly or mildly depending on our ray make-up, the nature of our soul and our divine destiny. It is part of our human purpose to strengthen our Ray aspects and to use them wisely.

In each lifetime every aspect of us is dominated by one or other of the Rays, whether it is that which is spirit, soul, personality, our physical body, our emotions or how our mind works.

Like all our oracle cards, the Cosmic Ray oracle cards have been created by Claire Montanaro, a leading expert on the important subject of the Rays, and they are unique, to our knowledge not available anywhere else. Each card encapsulates the strengths and frailties associated with each Ray to enable users to identify their own Ray pattern, to heal and evolve.

Packaged in a gold envelope, this seven card set can be used also for inspiration, meditation and for divination.

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