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Hour Psychic Reading

Hour Psychic Reading

Price: £140.00

A psychic guidance session is an alternative option to the more formal channellings, using my clairvoyant ability. They are channelled too but less formally in that I work more consciously and so speak with my normal voice and am more "present" during the session. They are particularly helpful in assisting everyday dilemmas, work and relationship issues, and difficult decisions that may have to be made in these times of change.

You may choose between psychic readings that are for an hour, 45 minutes or a half hour. Please pay on this page for a one hour appointment.

Please remember to book in through the website calendar and pay for your session only when your appointment has been confirmed.

The fee includes a recording of the conversation that is sent to your preferred email address after the session.

More information about psychic readings can be obtained here

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