Half Hour Channelling Session with Recording

Half Hour Channelling Session with Recording

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As a psychic and channel for Spirit Claire is a conduit of wisdom, guidance and enlightenment for those who seek her help. Energies from the highest realms of consciousness work through and with her, and They call Themselves the Masters of Light. Their intent is to bring clarity and understanding, and to provide a frame of reference to enable individuals to understand what is happening in their lives and on their soul journey and from this to determine how to move forward.

Clients are asked to have questions prepared beforehand and to be prepared for an interactive discussion with the Masters of Light. Questions can be on any subject from the mundane to the esoteric, or about your own life and path or what is happening in the world and beyond. Do not ask a question if you do not wish to know the answer!

During these sessions Claire works in deep trance and so her voice changes, and the energy of the Masters often can be felt coming through her to the Client. It is a loving and uplifting experience, and can be a healing one also.

Channelling sessions usually are undertaken by phone (with clients calling a given number), though face-to-face appointments with Claire usually in Wales, or elsewhere if she is working away, can be arranged through our Office.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment before you pay. Just let us know what day and time you would like from what is available on the website Calendar and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please note that, while she (with the Masters) can see into the future and is happy to give guidance on it, Claire is not a fortune teller: your future depends on your choices and actions. Her intent, in all her work, is to give you information and guidance, wisdom from Spirit, to help you maximise your enjoyment of and fulfilment in life, and to progress your soul’s journey with peace of mind and heart.

Nothing she says or channels is mandatory: it is always about choice, and also about your personal responsibility as to what you do with the guidance given.

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