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Half Hour Channelling Session

Half Hour Channelling Session

Price: £80.00

As a psychic and channel for Spirit Claire Montanaro is a conduit of wisdom, guidance and enlightenment for those who seek her help. Energies from the highest realms of consciousness work through and with her, and They call Themselves the Masters of Light. Their intent is to bring clarity and understanding, and to provide a frame of reference to enable individuals to understand what is happening in their lives and on their soul journey and from this to determine how to move forward.

A half hour channelling session is an excellent period of time to explore two or three important issues with the Masters in depth, or perhaps half a dozen or more, more quickly. The fee includes a recording of your conversation.

Please remember to book in through the website calendar and pay for your session only when your appointment has been confirmed.

More information about channelling sessions can be obtained here

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