Shamanic Services

Inlumino Global's Shamanic services are provided by James Weaver, a gifted and experienced shaman. He offers soul retrievals in person or remotely, and one to one shamanic training in person.

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Soul Retrieval
As an example of how shamanism can help, you may have the situation whereby you have been in a car accident and now fear being in a car. This could be a sign of soul loss, and a shaman could, through a soul retrieval, enter non-ordinary reality to find the missing soul part an ...
Shamanic Training (Per Day)
Shamans listen and talk to spirits: everything we can see or conceive of in this reality, or any reality, has a spirit. Working with the Elementals, healing, divination, soul retrieval and more are in the shaman's toolkit. As an example of how shamanism can help, you m ...