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Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual Wisdom

Price: £10.00

In this signed copy of "Spiritual Wisdom", spiritual teacher Claire Montanaro explains the ancient spiritual truths and how they apply to you and to our world. She teaches you:

  • How to achieve peace of mind and heart through spiritual understanding; the meaning and relevance of the Spiritual Laws, karma, reincarnation, the seven Rays, your soul's journey, life and death - and much more
  • How to contact and work with spiritual guides and discover your place in the divine cosmos
  • How to maximise your potential as a spiritual being

Filled with information, advice and easy-to-follow exercises, "Spiritual Wisdom" is for everyone, whatever their level of understanding and experience. Claire's is the voice of spiritual reason - her message is intensely profound and yet essentially simple.

Here are some reviews (please contribute your own review too):

"This book has changed my life. It's easy to read and even after I've put it down I will still dip in and out of it. Buy it!"

"If you are looking for a comprehensive spiritual guide for the 21st century this is it, equally readable on a sun lounger (if you're lucky) or potting shed. Many spiritual books are over 'wordy' and full of concepts, the tone of this book is shockingly humble when you look at what's on offer. It's like the manual behind the world of Harry Potter but one where we can all live, well kind of. Whether you adopt Claire's spiritual perspective or not, the book certainly provides the answers to the kind of questions which you may find cropping up on a spiritual path. "

"I value your work for its simplicity and "cleanliness".You are one of the few I can trust with my soul."

"I cannot put it down! This is a very readable, comprehensive guide to Spirituality, a no-nonsense voice of "spiritual reason", a dose of literary "Rescue Remedy" in a world which seems to have recently gone a bit wobbly at the edges. I know many of us have been wondering what is happening, how to deal with the seemingly endless challenges and even questioning, "What have I done wrong??" Claire explains the nuts and
bolts using words we can all understand to deliver a message which is indeed profound, and yet essentially simple. I always find it so magical when such a book shows up exactly in my moment of need. . . so thank you Claire for writing it!"

"Thank you for the book, I'm finding it very valuable and I admire how you have managed to combine the basics so to speak, with the complexities (expressed in readily understandable terms) of the Alice Bailey and other esoteric writings. It has also been very timely for me to be reminded again of The Temple of Light."

"I love the down to earth nature of your book and what you say. I've come across so many people who seem to take the sort of work we do into realms of fantasy and for me it's important to keep it real."

"At long last, there is a spiritual book that is a cohesive whole."

"I have just read your book "Spiritual Wisdom" and it has absolutely blown me over. I am reading your book again and I think I will be reading for some considerable time to come. Thank you for an insight into such a mystical subject."

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